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Key Priorities

There are many issues that I greatly value. Below are several priorities and solutions that I will bring to the Utah House as your representative.


Good Governance

Restoring faith in our politics

Unfortunately, our district is not currently immune to conflicts of interest. We are elected to represent you as your representative. The Utah Capitol is the People's House. Good governance includes increased transparency and accountability for government officials. For example, Utah is one of the few states that does not have a limit on any individual, political party, PAC, Union, or Corporate contribution to a state candidate. If elected, I will work to change that. 

Family-Strengthening Policies

Our family unit - whatever that looks like for you - is the bedrock of our community

Family-strengthening goes further than family-friendly. Policies such as affordable and accessible child care, abolishing the state sales tax on food to help ease the burden of inflation, Medicaid expansion (our district area voted for Prop 3 in 2018), stable and affordable housing, and increased mental health care services including suicide prevention are all examples of family-strengthening policies that I will work towards when I go to work for you as your representative. I know that Utah truly values families and we need the infrastructure in place to reflect and uplift these values. 

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Protecting our Environment

Utah deserves to be around for a long time

Utah's natural beauty is stunning, but our state is facing real environmental problems. From the breath-taking inversion in the Salt Lake Valley, to our precious water and unique habitat sources like Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake, we need policies in place to ascertain that future generations will be able to appreciate Utah as we do now. For example, 75% of Utah's population is losing at least one year of life due to air pollution and annually, air pollution costs Utah nearly two billion dollars. If elected, I will work towards reducing air pollution and protecting our variety of water sources.

Robust Education Policy

Educators and students need to be supported

Constitutionally, income tax in Utah goes into the education fund. The past several years have especially been hard for students and teachers and if recent events have proven anything, it's that we need to invest in them. For a couple decades, Utah has ranked last or near-last in per pupil spending. Investments in our students is an investment in our future. We also need to support our educators. This includes increasing teacher salaries and PTO, ensuring public funds go to public education, and not instituting government overreach via bad legislation that is grounded in mistrust and myths of our educators. I promise to work for educators and students as your representative. 


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There are many issues that I care deeply about, but I want to hear about what you value and the issues that affect you, too. 

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